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Bob Dessort sent photos for:

April - SEC and Testimonial Dinner

April - Bowling Tournament

June - Convention

June - New 2019 Officers


Sons of AMVETS Officer Installation

  • Photo Credit: Keri Hanke


Memorial Service

This morning at AMVETS Convention, we did our memorial service, for all the AMVETS and Auxiliary Members we have, lost over the year as well as all,those veterans that have served our country and are no with us. And as we did this memorial, I remember my dearest Father in law Clarence Woiak. Thank you Dad for your service. And to all our Veterans and AUXILIARY Members for your Service and Your hard work for us. You all were remembered today.

~ Mary Woiak

Friday Night Dance

Picture 1: Auxiliary Past State President Darlene Hempel, State Chaplain Jackie Rohde

Picture 2: AMVETS Department of WI Past Department Commander Jim Ruppel and Auxiliary State of WI Chaplain Jackie Rohde

Picture 3: AMVETS Riders of WI Past President Kim Barbian, Auxiliary State of WI Chaplain Jackie Rohde, AMVETS Post 11 Commander Lisa Drossart


  • Photo Credit: Bob Dessort

New 2019 Officers

  • Photo Credit: Bob Dessort


Row 1

Picture 1: AMVETS Riders 1st Vice Robert Rohde, AMVETS Riders of the Year.

Picture 2: Post of year post 127 Ladysmith Wisconsin Commander John Vacho and 2nd Vice Commander Robert Lund

Picture 3: AMVETS Rider of the Year - AMVETS Riders 1st Vice Robert Rohde and Most Mileage of the Year AMVETS Riders Past Department of WI President - Kim Barbian

Row 2

Picture 1: AMVETS National 2nd Vice

Picture 2: AMVETS Riders State of Wisconsin Past President Kim Barbian, Auxiliary State of WI Chaplain Jackie Rohde, AMVETS Post 30 Lisa Drossart, AMVETS Department of WI Webmaster Rose Fields


Rows 1-2 and Row 3 Picture 1

Photo 1: Installation of AMVETS Auxiliary WI officers

Photos 2-6: Getting ready to Present Family Services, Kelly Hintz Coordinator, with all of the Layette things, collected from, all our State of Wisconsin AMVETS LADIES AUXILIARIES. Kelly Hintz Coordinator of Family Services explaining, the services they offer to families in Winnebago County,Shawano and surrounding areas. We filled a truck full, and backseat, full of all kinds of things. And to Help fill the truck was Jackie Rhode and, few other AUXILIARY Members including myself.  Thank to all our AMVETS Ladies AUXILIARIES, for all your donations and help. Kelly Hintz was very happy, to receive them, and alot of families will benefit from our great generosity. ~ Mary Woiak

Row 3 

Picture 2: Auxiliary State President Linda Taylor and Auxiliary State Chaplain Jackie Rohde

Picture 3: Auxiliary Luncheon

Row 4

Picture 1: Auxiliary Memorial Service

Picture 2 top: Auxiliary Line up for Memorial Service

Picture 2 bottom: Sackettes being installed

Picture 3: Command Mike Hanke speaking to Auxiliary after his election




Row 1

Installation of AMVETS Riders of WI officers and AMVETS Riders Chapter 3929 receiving their charter from AMVETS Riders Past President Kim Barbian.

  • Picture 1 L to R: 1st Vice Robert Rohde, Secretary/Communications Officer Rose Fields, 2nd Vice Don Larsen, Chaplain Tom Busse, Seargent-At-Arms, Guy Mockler, Judge Advocate Leon Reinke, Treasurer Jackie Rohde
  • Picture 2 L to R: Guy Mockler, Kim Barbian, Mike Clements, Chester Mann, Mike Eisner
  • Picture 3: L to R: Past President Kim Barbian, 1st Vice Robert Rohde, Searent-At-Arms Guy Mockler, President Todd Barbian 

~ Rose Fields

Row 2

Picture 1: Past AMVETS State Commander Jim Ruppel and AMVETS Riders Department of WI State Treasurer Jackie Rohde

Picture 2: Lynn Hiroskey, AMVETS Riders State of Wisconsin Treasurer Jackie Rohde, AMVETS Riders State of Wisconsin Past President Kim Barbian

  • Photo Credits: Mary Woiak, Jackie Rohde, Rose Fields

Mini Golf at King Veterans Home

Pictured L to R: Helen Dessort AUXILIARY 45, Butch Blank, Bob Dessort Post 45, Paul ProBst Post 45, KayDen Kluehn ( grandson of Armin and Sandy Conradt),Sandy Conradt Auxiliary 45, Commander Armin Contact Post 45, Commander Bob Rhode Post 13, Ellen Caswell Auxiliary 13, and Photographer Mary Woiak Auxiliary 13 

  • Photo Credits: Mary Woiak


Post 99

On March 2nd, Manitowoc AMVETS Post 99 held a fundraiser to help benefit the Sons of AMVETS Squadron 99 and Painting Pathways. Music was provided by Steve Thuss “Schnidrr” along with Silent Auction. It was a huge success.

Pictured L to R: Bill Gamble, Steve Thuss, Terry Bruechert, David Spindler, Jr. and Commander Davis Reno.


Post 99

AMVETS Post 99 members and friends honoring our fallen soldiers by placing flags at their graves in Calvary Cemetery In Manitowoc